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 In a very abridged version we present conditions DiBa  Coin
Project which already achieves a return on the level of four-digit numbers in percentage (earnings higher than 1200%). Therefore we decided that this project will offer all current members of the bank as well as future members.

DiBa Coin
project  offers the following positions:

1) Become a Wholesaler - owner of wholesale DiBa Coin:

There is still almost 1 000 000 000 wholesale DiBa Coin (hereinafter WDBC)
one WDBC price is fixed at $0.055,
WDBC minimum purchase is 1,000 pieces, about 60 USD.
You can buy additional WDBC until sold always at least 1.000 pcs
When your obtained member of the bank make its first purchase you will receive 20% of its purchased WDBC.

The important thing is that the bank transfers to accounts Wholesaler's wholesale unit DiBaCoin for the uniform and unchanging price of $0.055
When he gets WDBC the retail market, selling price (28/07/2016) is about $ 7.63 and rising.
Of this amount, 90% is left in the bank in the event that any of his clients wanted to sell the bank DBC and 10% is attributed to a particular wholesaler for its marketing account as a bonus from the transaction.
At this point the Wholesaler  bought one
WDBC for $0.055 and get $0.64 for its sale. And with pricing algorithm described in section 2 for each additional DiBaCoin thus laid the retail market Wholesaler receive a higher bonus!


2) Become an owner of retail DiBa Coin (hereinafter RDBC) program DBC Saving:

     First RDBC which was thus emitted into retail circulation have had the value 0,055 USD
     101 RDVC stood 0,1USD
     2000 RDBC was already at the price of $ 1
     RDBC with serial number 10000 was already at $ 5
     Current price of one MDBC is $ 7.63,
     Therefore we know that RDBC with serial number 100000 will cost $ 50
     RDBC number 1,000,000 then will cost $ 500
     and the last RDBC will cost  500.000 USD.
     How you find later, this property is very important!
     Redemption of your RDBC is guaranteed GB is equal to 90% of their intrinsic value.


This project is different from the classic investment and savings programs. Is different from the that with which you have used before. Anyone can bring profit and stability without high investments. In addition, the guaranteed purchase retail DiBa Coin Bank, which carried out the issue, is unique on the market and makes the DiBa COIN very safe form of virtual currency with its high gain.

When you register in to bank you can buy your WDBC here...

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